The Peer Enabled Restructured Classroom(PERC) transforms students who have yet to meet college-ready benchmarks into scholars by placing them in the role of teacher. In our restructured math and science classrooms, Teaching Assistant Scholars (TASs) work under the guidance of a teacher to instruct small groups of their peers. Along the way, the TASs learn the material, become academic role models, and build the skills they need to succeed in college.

Our program helps students, teachers, and administrators achieve the outcomes they want. PERC classrooms still have one teacher for every 30-plus kids. However, inside a PERC classroom there are also four to five TAS, drawn from the population of students who passed the state exams in science or math but have not yet achieved college-ready benchmarks.

Below is the current program for our TAS. They also have many internship options for the summer.

The Team