Business and Finance Academy

What do we offer?

  • College credit
  • Mentoring by executives from various real-world corporations 
  • Job Shadowing 
  • Internships: can lead to scholarships
  • Travel opportunities: attend trade shows, competitions & events across the country! 
  • *** Career & Technical Education (CTE) State Approved Program (QBI ONLY)***

    Students will receive a seal on their diploma, indicating they have the skills, work experience, and certifications necessary to succeed in the competitive economy!  

The Team

Specialty Courses

Business Communications, Finance & Accounting (Word, PPT, Excel)

These courses will help students develop the communication skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. Students will use computer applications to create multimedia presentations, record, report & analyze data, and manage money to help plan strategies and make business decisions. Students will create ads, resumes, flyers, and design images to share key information. 

Marketing & Entrepreneurship

This course is designed to teach the basics of starting and running a business. Students will learn the concepts of marketing, social media marketing, advertising and promotion to develop a competitive advantage when creating a business plan.

*Virtual Enterprise (Career Development & Finance Management)* 

Students will design and run their very own business! Students will do this through Virtual Enterprise (V.E.), as they are guided by a teacher and real-life business partner. Students will experience what it is like to be an employee in a corporate firm, where they will take on various roles within the company- such as CEO, department manager, or be involved in accounting, human resources, sales marketing, web design, etc. Students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other V.E. firms from around the world, giving them an international perspective and exposing them to various business practices. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions please contact us: 

Ms. LoMacchio (Director): 718-322-0616

Ms. Witt (Guidance Counselor)

Ms. Sheinberg (VE program coordinator) 718-322-0500

Mr. Diaz  (Dean)