Welcome to John Adams! We are excited that you are considering applying to our school and joining our community.

With NYC MySchools, you can explore your high school options, find choices for your application, register to test or audition for the specialized high schools, and apply to high school—all in one place. Be sure to meet with your school counselor to discuss your application choices.

1. Understand Admissions

2. Find Programs & Develop a Thoughtful Application

You are not only selecting a high school but also a program at a high school. Some high schools have several programs; some have just one. 

  • Research as many schools and programs as possible. 

  • Learn how to make a thoughtful application

    • Think about your child’s special talents, strengths, and requirements when selecting programs. 

    • Consider academic offerings, school culture, and travel time 

    • List schools in order of your true preference.


 JAHS SLC catalog 2020.pdf 

3. Stay Connected

Keep up to date on events and information from the Office of Student Enrollment. Speak to your guidance counselor, who will be best able to answer your questions and help you complete this process. 



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