The Team


In this course, students take on the roles of mechanical engineers, computer scientists and electrical engineers. Students research dynamics, kinematics and sensors. Subjects such as motion planning and obstacle avoidance, velocity and acceleration, serial chain mechanisms, pneumatic actuators, and drive circuits are covered. Students put knowledge intopractice through lab settings where robots are created with teams. The utilizes three robotics: Bobots, Lego EV3s, and NAO robots.

Neuro Science & Mental Health

The STEM program at John Adams is innovating the way students learn about Neuro Science and Mental Health. Students begin by taking Neuro Psychology to learn the fundamentals of the brain and human behavior. Students then take Biofeedback to use technology to monitor and control their biorhythms. In addition to using technology to monitor their biorhythm, students will learn how to create virtual reality scenarios that will serve as stimuli in the learning of biofeedback. Finally, students will have the opportunity to work with a CUNY professor to conduct research based on Mental Health.

Architectural Design

An introduction to the study and practice of architecture. This course aims at orienting the student to the various disciplinary facets which make up the total architectural curriculum as well as to the various professional roles which architects can be expected to perform. Architectural study is seen as both an art and a science, and architectural practice is seen as a complex, interdisciplinary professional activity.

Computer Science

In computer science education students explore existing technologies and create new software and hardware.

When you enter a computer science classroom you may find students:

  • Working together to solve problems and troubleshoot code

  • Writing code and adapting existing code to their own projects

  • Building physical prototypes as part of the design process

  • Participating in unplugged activities (that do not use technology) to introduce them to CS fundamentals

  • Using online resources to look up examples and find resources to assist with problem solving