The Team

Anatomy & Physiology

Moving beyond a basic understanding of how your body works this course will provide a  comprehensive insight into all structures and functions and how your systems work together to keep you healthy.

Such topics learned:

  • Structure and function of the body, and the connection between the two.

  • Homeostasis: the body’s natural tendency to maintain a stable internal environment.

  • Levels of Organization: the major levels of organization, Cells-Tissues-Organs-Organ Systems

  • Integration of Systems: How system work together to maintain homeostasis

Administrative Medical Assisting

This course specifically focuses on the administrative aspect of a medical assistant. Such skills include, career orientation, medical terminology, Safety in the medical office, law and ethics, communications and interpersonal skills, community resources, health, and job preparedness, patient records, and health care insurance coverage. 

Clinical Medical Assisting:

This course focuses on the clinical aspects of a medical assistant. Such skills include,  medical/surgical assisting with the physical examinations, office surgery, electrocardiography, administration of medications, basic laboratory skills, assisting with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and specialized medical practice.

Medical Terminolgy

This course introduces prefixes, suffixes, and word roots used in the language of medicine. Topics include medical vocabulary and the terms that relate to the anatomy, physiology, pathological conditions, and treatment of selected systems.

First Aid/CPR

This course provides our students training in basic first aid procedures, including the first aid skills recommended by OSHA, CPR and AED. Students who complete the course qualify for the AHA Heartsaver First Aid with CPR and AED course completion card.